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Training Simulator

At a total cost of £850,000, GB Railfreights training simulators are the UK’s first and only full cab freight European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) capable simulators. They will be used by new and existing drivers for basic training, advanced training as part of the Driver rules exam, Mentor and Instructor training and post incident reconstruction. Currently they cover the journey from Kings Cross to Peterborough, but are designed with a route building tool which will enable the addition of all other GBRf routes going forward.

The new simulators are were built with the recycled remains of locomotive no. 66734, which was involved in a landslip derailment at Loch Treig back in 2012.

The simulators were fitted out in France at Corys, having been subject to a fantastic refurbishment by EMD Longport in 2018.

Our Key Tech


By leveraging cloud solutions GB Railfreight is able to reduce its carbon footprint, reduce costs, increase accessibility of data sources and create the infrastructure required for enhanced customer data integrations for train reporting, consist compositions and in due course complete end to end visibility of customer orders. Ultimately benefiting our customers in an overall reduction in logistics. Additional cloud hosted applications allows GBRf staff access to critical data to make realtime decisions from any location and from any device. Fundamental to this approach was the partnering with 3Squared to jointly develop an Incident Fleet Management (IFM) which provides an integrated Incident Log, Fleet Defect and Train Management System. Operational staff and train crews are able to receive train management information real time.

Back Office Technology

GBRf has moved its entire backoffice infrastructure to timware replicated across two datacentres for specific legacy railway applications. With a third now hosted in Azure as part of our ever evolving transformation to agile access of data for staff and customers alike.


On Board Locomotive Technology

Again partnering with 3Squared, GBRf has been fundamental in design and requirement specifications for our OTMR data. Remote Data Download (RDD), provides realtime access to OTMR data integrated as part of the IFM application, triggering alters to the fleet engineers for immediate action to alerts. Additionally Train Manager records are synchronised directly to their competence records, ensuring Operational Standards Manager are not required to visit the locomotive for a download in the event of any incident.

GBRf has been using iOS ipad app MTISA, licensed via 3Squared that provides realtime train positioning relative to the train timetable. This allows Train Managers to visually position and the ability to report delay reasons at the end of the journey.


Driver Hand Held Technology 

GBRf has over 650 Operations staff, each issued with a ruggedized ipad that allows staff to access all company relevant information on the go. Using applications from Microsoc, Coruson and 3squared Train crews receive their Rosters and Diagrams automatically when published. Train crew have the ability to use IFM Mobile which allows them to engage directly with the Control incident log. RL app, allows Train Manager route refreshing is available for train managers to video refresh their traction knowledge as and when required. Mobile MCA., allows ground staff to consist a train directly into TOPS, depart and arrive trains, reducing the paper requirement and improving train turnarounds. Apart from empowering ground staff it frees up the Control centre to focus on “control” and only involved in consisting if irregularities occur.

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