GB Railfreight Contract Renewal with Etex Building Performance


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GB Railfreight (GBRf) is delighted to announce Etex Building Performance (EBP) has renewed its contract for three years from 1 August 2020 to 31 July 2023, for the transportation of gypsum to the plasterboard producer’s factory in Ferrybridge. At present, GBRf is delivering the fifth term of their contract for EBP. When the initial contract commenced in 2015, the operation was for flow from Cottam and West Burton Power Stations to EBP’s plants in West Yorkshire and Portbury. The closure of Cottam Power Station and the reduced activity at West Burton resulted in a reduction in contract volume. Despite this, GBRf continued to work with EBP for high quality rail solutions into their operations, providing reliable services and maintaining a strong customer relationship. The contract renewal which will now run until 2023, will see GBRf continue to provide services to and from Ferrybridge. Managing Director of GBRf John Smith said:
“As an industry, rail freight works hard to support the efficient movement of goods for the UK supply chain and GB Railfreight is proud to help to keep this country’s construction sector moving. The GBRf team are thrilled that our contract with EBP has been renewed for three years. We strive to always deliver the best possible service for our customers, and the continuation of our partnership with EBP demonstrates the success of our operations, providing effective rail freight solutions, continually meeting the needs of our customers and surpassing expectations.”
Purchasing Head of Etex Group UK/IE Paul Brown said:
“EBP is proud to be working collaboratively with GBRf who again prove to be a truly valued partner in delivering outstanding service needs to our operational facilities. This in turn has ensured that EBP is able to deliver on the promises to our customers, which will be more prevalent given the current market dynamics.”