Duty Control Manager

Emily Gardner

"My current role is Duty Control Manager. A typical day varies hugely depending on what is occurring on the network but we manage the day to day train service resolving any issues and dealing with any incidents. I enjoy the challenge of restoring the service back to normality and resolving issues as they occur. "

Project Manager – Sustainability

Sarah Whurr

"My current role has literally just changed dramatically, having previously worked as an accountant at GBRf. I am currently setting up the ‘Back on Track’ programme, liasing with employees, schools and external parties to set up a mentoring scheme for Year 11 pupils. I am also working out how we change our company vehicles for electric or hybrids so we have less of an impact on the environment. I do a lot of collation of data around our environmental, social and governance impact, to report back to our owners and investors. Learning is a large part of my new role, and will be for the foreseeable future as there are so many elements to Sustainability to learn!"

Operations Manager

Sue Coles

"My job as an Operations Manager is varied, I wear many hats. I manage staff attendance, training and welfare, customer requests and changes, Locomotive logistics, rostering, pay and safety. Every day there is a new challenge, meeting customers and watching my area grow gives me the passion to come to work every day. "

Account Manager HS2

Rory Higgins

"My role covers various things from day-to-day customer management, taking train orders, working with the customer to grow the portfolio (more trains!) and being the barer of bad news when it goes wrong. I love the variety of the role and getting out seeing the customer – it is important to appreciate the small part we have in the wider supply chain and that it matters. We’re delivering a lot of the material needed for building HS2, predominantly running trains from stone quarries in the Peak District to near Birmingham."

Business Implementation Manager

Marc Dickson

"I’m responsible for bringing everything together to start up a new train. Typically a day consists of leading Teams meetings for ongoing new business projects. During those I need to obtain all relevant information ahead of a new service commencing, specifically any risks to the business and risk to the flow not commencing when it has been agreed to. I enjoy collaborating with people, the complexities that come with implementing new business and having deadlines to meet."

Accounts Receivable and Treasury Manager

Mandy Garwood

"I look after the company bank account! So I am responsible for paying suppliers and raising invoices to our customers. I then chase for payments when they’re due and overdue. I really enjoy the Treasury side of my job and ensuring we are getting payments in from our customers so that I can pay our suppliers."

Executive Assistant to the CEO and CFO

Louise Garwood

"I am currently working as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and CFO, which sounds a lot more exciting than it is most of the time! However, I do get to be involved in some really exciting events and projects along the way, including sourcing tickets to the Euros Semi Finals last year at Wembley, which I only agreed to do if I could attend; the job has its perks! A typical day involves meeting customers that come into the office for meetings, diary management, event organisation, travel arrangements and solving any problems that arise. I enjoy the fact that no day is the same, and I enjoy working under pressure sometimes."

Assistant Account Manager

Gemma Dixon

"My current role at GBRf is an Assistant Account Manager. I support different customer accounts, by keeping them informed of any changes or incidents affecting their trains. Each day can be very different, but I always start by checking my emails and then monitoring the running times of trains and picking up on any incidents. I enjoy that each day can be different and also the investigation involved into finding out why a train has been delayed or not run as it should. "

Rail Operator

Francesca Sturgess

"Currently, I am a Rail Operator at GBRf. The typical day to day at work for me involves personal preparation for my train shunting duties (ensuring I have charged up any devices I need and I have all relevant equipment with me). Once I'm at the location I'm working at, I’m responsible for safely accepting and departing freight trains in and out of yard or terminal. I really enjoy problem solving and liaising with our customers to gain the best way of doing something to fulfil business needs. Each day can vary a lot, as each location and I go to is different – from a container train to a train carrying sand used to make glass. This is what keeps the job interesting for me. Although each day can vary, safety is paramount in every working day for me."

Customer Support Assistant

David Mazur

"I am a Customer Support Assistant, which entails booking containers on trains, dealing with onward delivery from the rail depot to the shop, factory, warehouse or wherever else the container is needed. I also answer queries and help solve problems for our customers, road hauliers and the depots. I enjoy the fact that no two days are the same and there is always something to keep you busy. The office at Felixstowe is very welcoming and like a family."