Gemma Dixon

Assistant Account Manager

"My current role at GBRf is an Assistant Account Manager. I support different customer accounts, by keeping them informed of any changes or incidents affecting their trains. Each day can be very different, but I always start by checking my emails and then monitoring the running times of trains and picking up on any incidents. I enjoy that each day can be different and also the investigation involved into finding out why a train has been delayed or not run as it should. "

Any career advice?

Always try every opportunity offered and be open to learning from those around you.


At school, my favourite subject was English. I then went on to university to study English as my degree. I had positive experiences of school and university mainly because I enjoyed learning and meeting new people.

Into work

This is my first job since finishing university! I finished my Masters degree in September 2022 and then started working at GBRf. since I finished my Masters degree in September.

Training and qualifications

I’ve only just started at GBRf so I haven’t done any training during my career yet. I would like to complete some management training courses to further progress my career.

Outside of work

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and baking.