David Mazur

Customer Support Assistant

"I am a Customer Support Assistant, which entails booking containers on trains, dealing with onward delivery from the rail depot to the shop, factory, warehouse or wherever else the container is needed. I also answer queries and help solve problems for our customers, road hauliers and the depots. I enjoy the fact that no two days are the same and there is always something to keep you busy. The office at Felixstowe is very welcoming and like a family."

Any career advice?

Work hard and give everything a chance but don’t be afraid to admit when a career isn’t for you and try something else.


I never really enjoyed school despite being fairly good at it. My favourite subjects were P.E., Maths and History. Although they had little to do with each other, I took all of them at A Level because I enjoyed them and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after school. I guess this was almost to delay having to decide what I wanted to do, although I don’t regret going to college at all. I definitely enjoyed college more than school as I was doing the subjects I enjoyed so it felt less like a chore.

Into work

After I finished college, I got a degree apprenticeship in civil and structural engineering at Concertus. I quickly realised that a lack of previous engineering qualification was causing me to fall behind and in turn I was doing longer days to try to understand the job. I realised that the job just wasn’t for me and resigned. I applied for an apprenticeship at GBRf but I wasn’t successful. Then, out of the blue, about a month later, GBRf phoned me and I was offered a role covering maternity leave for a year. I took the role and after 6 months I was offered a permanent role in the team.

Training and qualifications

Whilst at GBRf I have been offered and taken multiple courses to help me develop my skills, such as an Excel training course. I know that as I continue to work here, I will get more opportunities to further my skills and knowledge.

Outside of work

My main interest outside of work is football, but I enjoy sport in general. When I’m not watching and playing sport I enjoy travelling.