Emily Gardner

Duty Control Manager

"My current role is Duty Control Manager. A typical day varies hugely depending on what is occurring on the network but we manage the day to day train service resolving any issues and dealing with any incidents. I enjoy the challenge of restoring the service back to normality and resolving issues as they occur. "

Any career advice?

The one piece of career advice I would give my younger self is to not doubt yourself and be confident to take risks… the worse that can happen is to be told no but you could achieve more than you expect by taking that risk!


I didn’t particularly enjoy school/ university, education was never my strong point but I did enjoy my lessons in Sociology which is what I went on to study at university. I find it fascinating how different we can all be as a society.

Into work

My first job after university I was an Admissions Administrator on a temporary contact at Peterborough Regional College. Following that I worked for GBRf as a TOPS Controller and then a Train Service Controller before doing what I do now.

Training and qualifications

I’ve not yet completed any formal training or further education, but I will be soon obtaining my Assessors qualification and my Trainers qualification which I’m looking forward to.

Outside of work

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with friends and family, home improvements (bit of a DIYer!) and horse riding.