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Welfare & Facilities

GBRf has a Health & Wellbeing Strategy endorsed by its Executive Team. This is aligned to Leading Health and Safety on Britains Railway and the RM3.

GBRf involvement in collaborative groups reduce the costs of company change programmes through shared resources and range of products available.
Members are connected.

Communication channels are highly active via industry groups, a dedicated list of company contacts, e-bulletins and briefs are received.

Within rail, health services are strong, standards drive good performance, and GBRf know how to get the best use of medical knowledge, there is a focus on design of technology and automation to minimise health risks in every day work.

We are developing company data to monitor performance and use cross-industry data to benchmark and gain context for health risk.

Benchmarking and networking creates a shared understanding of risk and therefore priorities for investment and change.

We have good understanding of our health risks and control them as low as reasonably practicable. Industry Groups we support horizon scan to understand societal health risks so we can mitigate negative impacts and make use of medical technology. We want to further work alongside our employees to support good mental health and physical wellbeing.

We are training managers to be confident about managing health and wellbeing issues and are happy to discuss them with their teams.

Investment in our people through quality operational and occupational facilities is high on the agenda and the new Peterborough Operations Centre will further evidence this.

Initiatives such as offering staff Garmin activity trackers, discounts for friends and family, Westfield Health, New Leaf Wellbeing Check Points and cholesterol testing, Cycle2Work, DenPlan are all in place to support employees and their families and is linked to our sustainability plans.

This what Michael Whiteman had to say about the HTI Scheme:

I had been suffering with hip issues for 5 years and having initially been told by the NHS that I was too young to have hip surgery, I had no choice but to endure the pain and discomfort. As the discomfort and my mobility was becoming more and more difficult, last year the NHS finally approved my surgery but advised I would have to wait at least 6 months on their surgery waiting list.

I spoke with my manager and HR to advise them of my impending operation and it was at that point that I was made aware that GBRf offered a new health care scheme to employees and partners which covered the costs of private treatment for certain operations. Myself and HR decided to call
Westfield to find out if my condition was covered under the scheme and to my delight it was! The process for approving the surgery and scheduling the operation was so swift and seamless and I had the operations within a month of making that initial call to Westfield. Since the operation I’ve been given a new lease of life and can now move freely without discomfort or pain.
I will always be eternally grateful for the support and swift care I received thanks to this wonderful
company benefit.

M. Whiteman |Non Intermodal Account Manager

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