Our SAFER Principles

Our SAFER Principles

A safe business will lead to good performance overall. Our staff buy into our GBRf SAFER Principles.

High risk industry

GB Railfreight does not expect its staff to work in an unsafe manner or place themselves at risk in order to achieve results.

We have a proud record of zero fatalities and year on year reduction in risk profile against operational and occupational incidents.

  • Staff are not expected to undertake work for which:
  • They are not competent
  • They do not have the correct equipment
  • There is no Safe System or Method of Work
  • They do not have the correct PPE
  • They are unduly fatigued
  • They see hazards that may cause harm to themselves or others

We ask our employees to invoke our Work Safe Procedure when any of the above applies.


Network Rail

Working with the Infrastructure Manager to make the rail network a safe place to work. Buying into the ‘Everyone Home Safe, Every Day’  with our own vision. GBRf engages in joint IM and Freight Duty holder safety tours across the network every year.

 As a Network Rail supplier of choice we also seek to apply their ‘Lifesaving Rules’.

Industry Group involvements

GBRf works with the following group year on year to help increase levels of safety for the whole industry, not just its own operations.

  • National Freight Safety Group
  • NFSG – Fatigue Sub Group
  • NFSG – Road Risk Group
  • NFSG – RM3 Sub Group
  • NFSG – Common Safe Systems of Work (lead)
  • NFSG – Trespass & Security
  • RSSB – Health & Wellbeing Risk Assessment Group

And various other work-streams as freight representation as we collaborate in-line with RM3 to drive industry safety forward.

Key Statistics(RIDDORs etc)

2017 – 1 (LTI 88 days)

2018 – 1 (LTI 41 days)

2019 – 2 YTD

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