The green credentials of the freight railway, including our fleet of new electric locomotives, can help your company to reduce HGVs on the road, cutting carbon emissions. An average freight train can remove 60 HGV journeys from the roads and the largest up to 160.

By moving your goods on the freight railway you can help to cut the UK’s carbon emissions because haulage by rail is more efficient than by road. On average, a gallon of fuel will move a tonne of goods 246 miles on the railway, but only 88 miles by road.

It is not just about fuel consumption. Rail freight’s CO2 emissions are 76% less than road per tonne carried and, when added to rail’s advantageous performance in harmful emissions such as nitrous oxide and particulates, rail freight can help companies meet their corporate environmental responsibilities.

On average lorry journeys removed from the roads each day

Tonnes of CO2 emissions saved each year

Less Emissions Compared to Road Transport

HGV journeys prevented per year cutting Britain's carbon footprint

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