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Safety culture refers to the interaction between the requirements of the Safety Management System (SMS), how people make sense of them, based on their attitudes, values and beliefs, and what they actually do, as seen in decisions and behaviours.

Leadership plays a major role in the development of a positive safety culture.

GBRf’s safety culture reflects the importance the organisational culture grants to safety in all decisions, all departments, all occupations, and at all levels of management.

Stuart Anderson – Head of Safety, “Our safety culture is not dictated; we continue to build it and test it every day through our own actions and words.

The priority of a safety culture approach is to control the most significant risks associated with the organisation’s activities; in other words, the major and fatal accidents. This is how we best focus our efforts.”

Source: ICIS essentials 01

Promotion of a ‘Just Culture’ – a clear line will be defined between acceptable (non-culpable) and unacceptable (culpable) behaviour so that appropriate remedial action and fair sanctions can take place.

We need to have a climate of trust.

A just culture provides a safe environment to report and discuss errors and near misses so that the organisation develops a strong learning culture that can quickly adapt to lessons learnt and a changing environment.

Members of a just culture are mindful about what they doing, understand the implications of what they are doing and are allowed to challenge the way things are being done.

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