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Our People

GB Railfreight is unlike any other Freight Operator in the industry. GB’s unique people focused culture has allowed us to continuously perform successfully, grow sustainably and offer job security to our loyal and hard wording workforce for the 20 years since we have been operating.

GB Railfreight (GBRf) believe that our people focused culture and values are central to our status as the UK’s fastest growing rail freight company, with turnover in excess of £200 million. With a workforce totalling over 850 people across the UK, it has been a key tenet of our company since its foundation that in a highly competitive rail industry, staff should be prized and rewarded well, as happy staff form the foundation of a successful company.

Featured Testimonial

Kevin Crane

“I enjoy working for GBRf because over the years, I have seen the Company grow massively in size, yet it still retains its key work ethics.

They employ the best staff and we are all valued and
treated well.

This motivates you to work hard and help contribute towards the success of the Company.”

Kevin Crane

Performance Team


Marcus Betts

“I enjoy working for GBRf because everyday is different! I thrive on the variety of routes and traction.
I feel part of the GBRf family, well supported and rewarded. I was particluarly touched that GBRf supported my son’s football this year.” 

Marcus Betts – Southampton Team

Willy Ward

“I enjoy working for GBRf because I’m my own boss and enjoy the variety of work here!”

Willy Ward – Train Manager

Matthew Turner

“I enjoy working for GBRf because I am treated as a team member, not an asset.”

Matthew Turner – Rail Services

A day in the life of…

George Witter

What is your job, and where do you work?

Account Manager, 4 years, Sedum House-Doncaster. 

What motivates you to get out of bed on a work day?

I’m motivated about growing my team’s portfolio and helping to drive wider growth within the industry. I joined this business because I believe the rail freight industry is going through a renaissance and GB Railfreight is at the forefront of this development.

Whilst I hold a degree in Ancient History, I have always been fascinated by logistics, supply chains and supporting heavy industry. Working for GB Railfreight has given me a unique insight into this dynamic and ever-changing world.

What does a typical day entail for you?

My principal responsibilities revolve around managing work on behalf of our clients, both from a planning perspective as well as monitoring and accounting. I also maintain and build relationships with new and existing customers with a view to ensuring clear communication channels are always open. Our particular sector manages the movement of stock for delivery, testing, transit, maintenance and disposal.

I work closely with my colleagues both in the Commercial as well as Planning departments to ensure that a consistently high level of service is delivered as standard to all the clients that I work with.

Whilst predominately based in Doncaster, my work frequently takes me to our headquarters in London. I also visit clients for regular meetings to discuss performance and look ahead to the future.

What is the top priority on your work agenda at the moment?

My current focus is to maintain our performance levels across the portfolio and cultivate new business where possible. I aim to balance my areas of work to ensure that all aspects are managed evenly and dealt with in a timely manner. Of course, this can prove challenging at times, however the close support of the wider business ensures that we deliver on the task.

What skills are key to your role?

My role demands a high level of organisational skill given the multi skilled approach needed to be a success in this field. Communication and relationship skills are vital in order to formulate cohesive plans for delivering programs of work. This can involve taking an idea from concept, through implementation and finally to delivery. At all times close communication and coordination is needed to assist other departments in working towards common objectives.

What route did you take to land your current role?

I joined the business as a Production Assistant which encompassed the diagramming of client’s services, working with Payroll and managing the road fleet. This role allowed me to develop a broader understanding of numerous aspects of the business whilst getting to know a wide range of my fellow colleagues. I always had an ambition to get involved with the Commercial department and GB Railfreight gave me that opportunity in the form of working for Bulk Services, a sector which supports coal, biomass, gypsum, industrial waste and sand traffic. I was then offered the opportunity to transition to Rail Services and that has brought me to where I am today.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I thoroughly enjoy building and strengthening relationships both internally and externally. I am proud to work for a business that started from scratch and over the past two decades has gained a reputation for unparalleled service delivery and flexibility. It is for this reason amongst others that we are considered by many to be the market leader. The rich variety of work means that that cliché of “no week is the same” often rings true. The camaraderie amongst colleagues and the well supported social occasions highlight the positive attitude that permeates throughout the business.

What advice would you give a person thinking of working in your industry?

I joined the business with relatively little industry knowledge, however GB Railfreight has given me the opportunity to experience numerous fields and develop my skill base. This development story is mirrored across the business and it is to GB Railfreight’s great credit that our workforce consists of individuals from varying backgrounds. My advice to others would be:1) Always be open to opportunities, as you can gain valuable experience to take into future roles. 2) Think about which areas of work you’d like to be involved with. For example,you may be surprised by the variety of sectors GB Railfreight works with, from international moves, aggregates traffic, petroleum products, intermodal and sleeper services to name but a few. 3) Apply! With the business going from strength to strength, we are constantly developing our departments and eager to welcome talented individuals onboard to join the team.

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