Ellie Durrant

Train Planning Assistant

"I have recently started a new role at GBRf as train planning assistant. My typical day includes communicating with our customers to confirm that their containers have been taken on our trains and following up with the right people if we’ve not been able to move a container for them. I also book on the export containers we are bringing back to Felixstowe as all containers need to have a slot on the quay or sent to dock depots off the dock which I arrange. I enjoy my new role as it keeps me busy and I have a higher responsibility. I also love the people that I work with. "

Any career advice?

Work hard, make sure you love what you do and the environment you work in and have fun!


I enjoyed school but definitely more for the social aspect! There were a couple subjects that I did put my heart and soul into. I especially loved and was good at Photography and Media Studies. I continued these subjects into sixth form. Whilst I didn’t enjoy sixth form as much as I did school but still enjoyed Photography and Media Studies.

Into work

While I was attending sixth form I was working part time at the Tesco, working on the tills and replenishing shelves. I enjoyed this job and was there for over 2 years. Towards the end of my time there I had worked my way to being a shift lead. After I left Tesco I started a full time job at COSCO in the office dealing with all their additional invoicing and invoice queries. I didn’t enjoy this very much as I wasn’t very busy. During the Covid Lockdown, there was uncertainty and I didn’t know whether my job was secure. I decided I wanted to move on and look for a different job. A couple of the girls I knew at school where working at GBRf and had told me of an opening on the bookings team which would include Level 3 Business Apprenticeship. I worked on the booking team for nearly 2 years, have nearly finished by Apprenticeship and have just started my new role.

Training and qualifications

I am now getting to the end of my Level 3 Business course and have just passed my final exam! Just a few little assessments to go before I have that qualification.

Outside of work

I love reading and I do enjoy the gym, but I spend most of my time with family and friends and my boyfriend going out or to concerts: I love music. I am a bit of a clean freak and often spend my weekends having a blitz. But most of all my favourite hobby is shopping! I love handbags and clothes and am always out shopping.