Waste Materials

Waste Materials

GBRf delivers non-hazardous waste materials from strategic rail hub locations to customer landfill sites utilising rail box wagons. The type of material regulated for suitability for the appropriate land fill sites.

Utilising the development of railheads in Manchester, Leeds and London, GBRf moves circa 500 thousand tonnes of construction waste to treatment centres and landfill sites across the UK in partnership with FCC Environment, Biffa and Walsh. 

Construction waste materials can be additionally processed at the rail hubs as required before delivery to the land fill location.

Having this rail hub operation providing environmental benefits compared to road transportation of this material. Up to 500kt per year is transported.


Key Facts

GBRf moved over 1.4mt of waste materials by rail which equates to reduction of over 57,000 lorries running on the roads.

Disused Rail facilities identified for a more eco-friendly solution of the transport of waste.

Rail transportation offers increased mobility for inactive waste in a more environmentally friendly way.

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