Our Trains

Class 66 – 66 701 to 66 789

GBRf Operate 88 class 66 Locomotives in various batches, 66 701-66 751 are “pedestal cabs” with large fuel tanks, 66 752 onwards to 66 779 are Euro Cabs with smaller cabs and 3A emission power units. 66 780-789 are Buckeye fitted “pedestal cabs” with large fuel tanks.

These locomotives were all built by Electro Motive Diesel at their Canadian and North American facilities, They offer economical and reliable performance as a general purpose heavy freight locomotive.  66 747-749 were brought back form Holland to the UK in 2012, 66 750/751 were repatriated from Germany in 2013. 66 779 was the last ever Class 66 to be built by EMD for export to UK and is appropriately named “Evening Star” and is gifted to the National Collection.

Class 60 60 002-60 096

GBRf purchased form Colas in 2018 ten heavy freight class 60 Locomotives. These were built in 1989-93 by Brush Traction, Loughborough and were the last heavy freight locomotive built in the UK.

Class 69 – 69 001 – 69 016

GBRf purchased a number of redundant Class 56 Locomotives in 2018 from UK rail leasing in various condition. These are subject to a Repower Program being undertaken by Electro Motive Diesels at their Longport UK facility. The old Ruston RK3 engine and Brush controls are removed and a new EMD 710 power units with cleaner 3A emissions and electronic control is to be fitted. These locomotives are expected to be in traffic in 2020.

Class 50 – 50 007, 50 049

GBRf have two Class 50 Locomotive that date back to 1967-1968.

Working with the #Class50Alliance these locos will add another layer to our capacity across the Rail Services sector.

Class 92 – 92 010-92 038

GBRf have twelve Brush/Bombardier Class 92 Locomotives in service on the Caledonian Sleeper and heavy freight traffic through the Channel Tunnel. These are the most powerful electric locomotives so far produced for the UK and have been specially converted for operation of Caledonian Sleeper vehicles which require additional electric train supply and new Dellner Couplings.

The Class 92 remain the only UK registered locomotive to be able to be utilised through to France and operate on 750v DC third rail and 25kV overhead supply with pantograph.

Class 73/1

73/1 GBRf have 10 of these useful Bi-mode Bo-Bo Electro Diesel Locomotives thay operate on 750v DC third rail and have a small English Electric diesel engine of 400hp. Originally designed for the Southern Region of BR we use the 73/1 almost exclusively for Network Rail where their Bi-Mode usefulness on possessions and seasonal trains is an advantage. 73 201 is gifted to the National Collection.

Class 47 – 47 727, 47 739, 47 749

GBRF have three Class 47 Locomotive that date back to 1966, these have been specifically adapted with electronic translator equipment and couplings to “communicate” with modern electric and other bi-mode units to allow these units to be hailed “dead” and still remain fully braked.

Di8 Bo-Bo Diesel Electric Locomotives

GBRf Operate ten Mak/Vossoh Di8 Bo-Bo Diesel Electric Locomotives imported from Norway in 2010, these are outside normal UK gauge and can only work in private works. They are used at British Steels Scunthorpe Plant.

Class 73/9

GBRf modified five 73/1 locomotives to become 73/9 –  73 961-965 “Batch 1”, these locomotives redesigned with a modern electronic traction control system and a new 3A Emission MTU 1600Hp R43 4000 V8 Engine. This extended their life by another 25 years with far more power on diesel and improved traction control. They are used almost exclusively on Network Rail work.

GBRf modified a further six 73/1 to become 73/9 73 966-971 “Batch 2” These have had more extensive upgrade including the 3A Emission MTU and traction control but also a new electronic brake control system and cab interior, These six are fitted with Dellner Couplings, trailer car control and jumper equipment and work exclusively in Scotland on the Serco Sleeper Highland and Lowland Services.

08/09 Shunting Locomotives

GBRf operate a number of 08/09 Shunting Locomotives throughout the UK are various sites.

Class 59 – 59 003 Yeoman Highlander

GBRf operate one Class 59, this locomotive was one of the original built by General Motors in La Grange Chicago USA for Foster Yeoman in 1985. This locomotive subsequently was transferred to Europe for work in Germany for HHPI, from whom GBRf relocated it back to the UK in 2014 and it remains one of our best performing locomotives.

Wagons and Rolling Stock

GBRf operate a mix of approximately 1500 leased and owned wagon fleet, these range from Intermodal Platforms capable of carrying containers to Hoppers for aggregates /coal and boxes for waste, scrap and other materials. GBRf work closely with our customers to purposely design and built specific wagons for large bulk commodities, for example Biomass for Drax and Lynemouth Power Stations, Sand Hoppers for Sibelco and Sugar Stone for Cemex. GBRf also operate a number of wagons with Network Rail for the resupply and maintenance of the national network.

The GBRf fleet of locomotives and wagons is always growing and evolving with the need and demand of our services, ensuring that GB Railfreight is at the forefront of the rail freight industry.

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