“I enjoy working for GBRf because I am treated as a team member,
not an asset.”

Matthew | Operations

 “I enjoy working for GBRf because I’m my own boss and like the variety of work here!”

Willy | Train Manager

 “I enjoy working for GBRf because over the years, I have seen the company grow massively in size, yet it still retains its key work ethics.”

Kevin | Performance

Why Work For GB Railfreight?

Here are some of the good things you’ll get in addition to our competitive salaries when you join GB Railfreight:

  • Hospital Treatment Insurance for staff and partners
  • Healthcare Cash plan cover for staff and dependants
  • Hundreds of Retail Discounts including Smart Tech
  • Regular Team events
  • Pension scheme
  • Free Family Days out in the Summer
  • Certain travel discounts*
  • Access to thousands of E- Learning content and interactive assessments
  • Option to enroll in our ‘Cycle to Work’ and ‘Denplan’ schemes
  • Flexible Working

Working For GB Railfreight

Join our fast growing team at GB Railfreight

During 2018 GB Railfreight have experienced unprecedented growth and we are pleased to be in a position to provide many new and fulfilling job opportunities for aspiring railway workers all over the country.

If you are someone who shares our values of Support, Trust & Empowerment, Professionalism, Communication & Enjoyment and if you are looking to develop a career with a rail freight operator who truly values it’s people then we would love to hear from you.

Please select one of the following job categories to browse our current vacancies:-

If you don’t see a role of interest at this time then register your interest for future roles with us using the link below, please remember to state the location and the type of role you are interested in: UPLOAD YOUR CV FOR FUTURE ROLES

If you have any questions, please contact the recruitment team on 0207 983 5189 or fill out our Recruitment Enquiry form.

Role Profiles

GB Railfreight is unlike any other Freight Operator in the industry. GB’s unique people focused culture has allowed us to continuously perform successfully, grow sustainably and offer job security to our loyal and hard wording workforce for the 20 years since we have been operating.

Here are some of the great job roles available at GBRf:

GB Railfreight Job Roles

GBRf offer a wide range of job roles from Train Drivers to Groundstaff and HQ

Train Manager

Train Manager
(Train Driver)

Our Train Managers are the lifeblood of our business, supplying our customers with an exceptional service with a flexible ‘can do’ attitude. We want the very best drivers who exhibit professional and high safety standards in everything they do. Our drivers are rewarded generously for their roles with a highly competitive salary in the industry and a range of amazing benefits available to (all) staff and their families.

A Train Manager at GBRf will have responsibility for operating and maintaining our locos from one destination to another. They must have the ability to act quickly and calmly in the event of an emergency situation and ensure that schedules are met and goods are delivered safely and on time to our customers.

Train Managers hold responsibility for overseeing the safe loading and unloading of items ensuring they are secured and ready departure, constantly communicating with Control, internal staff and signallers to ensure critical messages are shared and delays which may affect the service are recorded.

Our Train Managers ensure that the train is kept under control and at appropriate speeds at all times and have a professional attitude in order to maintain comprehensive understanding of safety procedures, route & traction knowledge and industry legislation changes.

To become a Train Manager with GB Railfreight you’ll need:

  • To hold a valid European Train Driver Licence (unless you are applying for one of our Trainee Train Manager positions)
  • High level of concentration
  • To live within 1 hour of your booking on point
  • Meet the standards of the industry Train Driver (TDLC) railway medical
  • Have the ability to remain calm under pressure or in stressful situations
  • The ability to operate and control equipment
  • Knowledge of public safety and security
  • The ability to work well with others
  • Confident with modern technology including using an iPad.
  • Be over the age of 21

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Checking equipment and engines
  • Contacting control centres for information about routes and any problems
  • Following signalling instructions during the journey
  • Positioning and handing over engines to drivers on the next shift
  • Recording incidents such as equipment problems, delays and dangers

Your working environment may be noisy and you will need to be prepared to spend time away from home on occasions. GB Railfreight will supply a full suit uniform and PPE

With experience you could take further training to become a mentor or assessor within GB Railfreight or move into a management role.

Assistant Train Manager

Assistant Train Manager

GB Railfreight frequently recruit Assistant Train Managers (drivers) across the country. These opportunities are highly popular and allow people to embark on a fulfilling and rewarding careers on the railway.

While formal qualifications are not required, you will need to go through an extensive training program with our internal trainers who which will teach you how to operate and drive a freight train, handle emergency situations and deal with minor repair and maintenance work.

In this position, you will be required to be alert and extremely organised, along with possessing the ability to handle difficult and emergency situations. Freight train drivers predominantly work alone but there may be times when you are in direct contact with members of public, customers and staff and professional behaviours must be demonstrated at all times.

Minimum qualifying criteria to become a Assistant Train Manager

  • You must have passed Stage 1 & 2 of the industry driver psychometric assessments within the last 5 years
  • Be over the age of 21 (at the time you pass competent as a driver)
  • Pass a Drugs and Alcohol test and meet the standards of the industry Train Driver (TDLC) railway medical (which will form part of the recruitment process).
  • Be available to attend a 10 month training programme with minimal disruption.
  • Live within 1 hour of your base location you are employed in.


Preferable skills and experience that give candidates an advantage in the selection process include:

  • +2 years previous Ground Staff experience obtained on the railway
  • Experience working in a safety critical environment for a considerable period of time
  • Exemplary safety record
  • Experience working shifts and a flexible attitude
  • Demonstrated ability to manage emergency situations calmly and efficiently


For further information of the role of a Train Manager and the key skills and attributes we look for in our Train Managers please see the Train Managers section above.

When vacancies arise they will be posted on our website vacancy list and on our social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Please act quickly when applying as these roles can become highly popular.

Rail Operators

Rail Operators

Our Rail Operators (RO’s) play a critical role in the safe running of our services and support the train manager in the safe delivery of goods transported around the country. Rail Operators are responsible for the safe preparation of our locos and services as well as the operation of a variety of traction at off-network marshalling yards. RO’s must marshall and dispatch trains safely, punctually and efficiently in accordance with GBRf’s rules and regulations.  

To become a Rail Operator you’ll need to:

  • To be safety focused with high level of attention to detail
  • Have experience working within a safety critical environment
  • Meet the Railway Train Working medical standards (which will form part of the recruitment process along with a Drugs and Alcohol test)
  • Flexible attitude, willing to work shifts and travel to other sites frequently.
  • Experience gained working in a customer facing environment
  • Clear communicator and ability to work safely and independently
  • Full UK driving licence


The main responsibilities of the Rail Operator includes:

  • Ensuring personal safety and that of others at all times.
  • Complying with the rules and instructions, undergo proficiency assessments and attend training courses.
  • Carry out emergency procedures when required.
  • Report any unusual occurrences, unsafe practices, accidents or incidents.
  • Operate locomotives on private infrastructure.
  • Prepare and drive locomotives safely
  • Assess the safe loading of all wagons within each train prior to departure to ensure that the loads are safe, adequately covered and within gauge..
  • Assess the mechanical condition of all wagons and report defects on site to team leader / production manager to ensure GBRf can make claims for costs.
  • Communicate with persons in charge in order to ensure the punctual, efficient and reliable delivery of the planned services. If things go wrong, proactively seek a solution.
  • Undertake train driving in accordance with instructions received from the PICOP / PICOW when in possessions.
  • Carry out coupling / uncoupling of rail vehicles to / from the locomotives and or each other as required.
  • Undertake fuelling, oiling, sanding and watering of locomotives.
  • Carry out housekeeping of locomotives, to include: – cleaning of windscreens/lights/high visibility panels and cabs.
  • Acknowledge receipt of all notices (including amendments) affecting your location knowledge or rules and instructions.
  • Communicate proactively and effectively with GB Railfreight Control, your line manager other staff and customer representatives in the interests of customer service, operational efficiency and safety.
  • Track inspection / light maintenance.
  • Check, fuel, oil, water and tyres prior to driving any company vehicle.


Our Rail Operatives work an average 40 hours per and are offered a competitive salary and range of generous benefits for (all) staff and their families.

Once you have become a competent Rail Operator with the company for a sufficient period of time, GBRf regularly offer development opportunity for our RO’s to springboard into a Trainee Train Manager (Driver) careers **providing RO’s pass the industry driver psychometric assessments.

For further information about becoming a Trainee Train Manager please see above.


GB Railfreight prides itself on its team ethic and sense of community, and we value the importance of having a laugh.

We value the opinions of all of our employees and want them to feel personally involved in contributing to the growth of the business. At the same time, we place a lot of importance on our employees enjoying going to work and believe that a team that plays together stays together.

That’s why GBRf regularly holds social events and charity fundraisers for the entire company, where directors, Train Managers, graduates and all staff alike can get to know each other and let their true selves shine through. As well as recreational time with colleagues, GBRf also acknowledges the important role of families and friends, which is most evident on the annual summer charters and the benefits we have tailored for staff and their families to enjoy.

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