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GB Railfreight extends Class 66 fleet 02 June 2011

GB Railfreight (GBRf), the UK’s most reliable freight haulier, continues to expand its fleet with the purchase of four Class 66 locomotives from Eversholt Rail and an agreement to buy an additional five Class 66s from Porterbrook on 4 July.

Mary Kenny, CEO, Eversholt Rail said “We are delighted to continue our relationship with GB Railfreight and provide stock to support its sustained growth.”

The locos GBRf has purchased from Eversholt Rail are 66578, 66579, 66580 and 66581, which will be re-numbered as 66738-66741. The Class 66s GBRf will receive on lease from Porterbrook in July are 66841, 66842, 66843, 66844 and 66845, which will be re-numbered 66742-66746.

John Smith, MD, GBRf, said: “The additional locos will be used to support projected new developments, which will see us continue to expand our operations.”

GBRf had already agreed to lease five Class 66s from Porterbrook on a seven year contract. The five, previously numbered as 66401 – 405 will be re-numbered 66733 – 737.

Keith Howard, commercial director, Porterbrook, said: “The sale of these five locomotives to GBRf demonstrates our flexible approach to the freight market. The proceeds of the sale will be reinvested within the company.”

As of July this year GBRf will have a total of 46 Class 66 locos in its fleet. This is made up of the 27 locos it has on lease from Eversholt Rail, ten it leases from Porterbrook and the further nine currently being purchased.

John Smith, MD, GBRf, said: “We are securing extra locomotives in order to support GBRf’s growth over the next few years, and to ensure that we are in a strong position to bid for some key contracts which are due to be tendered in the near future.”

In March GBRf reported achieving £6 million turnover in a month for the first time.


About GB Railfreight

GB Railfreight (GBRf) is one of the UK's leading specialist rail freight companies, operating a wide ranging portfolio of intermodal and bulk traffic services in commodities such as coal, petrochemicals, and construction materials. Its innovative approach and focus on flexibility, reliability and customer service has led to a raft of rail industry awards and a number of recent significant contract wins. GBRf is part of Europorte, the rail freight arm of GET (Groupe Eurotunnel SA).

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